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Fic recs

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Sherlock and Night Vale fic recs. Sherlock fics on this page and a link to Night Vale fic recs on the very bottom. Since it’s hard to find which fics are newly added since you last checked this page, you can visit: /tagged/fic_rec to see recs in order of dates when I made them. 




  • The Internet is Not Just For Porn by cyerus. A hilarious fic in which Sherlock meets his boyfriend, John, online…to the shock of everyone at Scotland Yard.
  • What to do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal by hyachinth_sky747. Reads like “Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging” and by that I mean pure wit and a load of fun.
  • Really Really Stupid MiniFill by anonymous. Chemistry puns! A super short fic but I absolutely loved every minute of it.
  • My True Love Sent to Me by wafflestories. Based on the song “12 days of christmas”. Very short read.
  • I Just Had Sex by pennydreadful. Sherlock finds it necessary to tell everyone that he’s had sex with John.
  • The Road Trip Series by stupid_drawings. Sherlock, John, and Greg take a road trip! Gets angsty at one point.
  • Odd Lady by anonymous. Sherlock turns into a woman temporarily. 
  • House Rules by songlin. Series of hilarious texts.
  • Symphony in E Sharp by portponky. This fic. I laughed so hard I cried.
  • Sherlock is a Werecock by anonymous. “Every full moon, Sherlock turns into a giant penis…he is still about six feet tall due to conservation of matter.”
  • Shadows on the Wall by arasigyrn. Psychic John.
  • The Magic of Deduction by theshoelessone. Harry Potter and Sherlock crossover. Great plot…intricate and full of details. There’s so much to love about this fic.
  • Mental by boeshane42. Sherlock is a patient in a psych ward and John is his psychiatrist.
  • Reignite by augustbird Mary’s dead and so John and his son moves back in with Sherlock after seven years.
  • A London Blitz by anonymous. Zombie. Apocalypse.
  • Stranger by the Gate by bendingsignposts. Vampire!Sherlock. Usually I don’t like vamp AUs…but this one…My god. I love it and you should all read it.
  • Floriography by lbmisscharlie. A lovely AU where Sherlock is a Florist who John’s infatuated with.
  • Renegades by augustbird. Sherlock and John run away as refugees and they try to take down Moriarty together.
  • One Night in Paris by ironicnarwhal. A young army doctor spends a night in Paris with a civilian and is reminded that there are other things to live for than war.
  • Give Me the Quiet Things by lady_t_220. John has amnesia.
  • A Priori by rubberbutton. Vampire Sherlock is in control of human John.
  • The Letter of the Lore by anonymous. Sherlock is a Faerie.
  • Fairytale of London by thirdbird. What if John met Sherlock 5 years earlier?
  • Sleep Hath Its Own World by coloredink. John dreams about Sherlock before he even meets him. Wonderful allusions to The Adventure of the Three Garridebs.
  • Level 65 Paladin Looking for Group by etothepii. WoW/Sherlock xover. I appreciate the fuck out of this.
  • The Beast Not Found in Verse by colored ink. Beauty and the Beast style AU.
  • I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You by etothepii. Sherlock/Good Omens crossover. Do not need to read Good Omens to understand.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains by coloredink. Sherlock is an android.
  • As It Happens by cathedral_carver. John is a ghost that follows Sherlock around.
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys by orange_crushed. High school AU.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Apiology by victorycandescence. Sherlock and John meet only when they are old and retired.
  • A Great Light by achycarnations. They don’t get around to falling in love until the world is ending.
  • Untitled by otterbatch. Apocalypse.
  • Blue Veins by lbmisscharlie. The numbers on your wrist counts down to when you meet the one destined for you.
  • Just Human by wafflestories. Sherlock/Dr. Who xover.
  • Ever Lasting by cypress_tree. Sherlock, an immortal, falls in love with a mortal.
  • Here Be Dragons by emotionanalysis. Dragon!Sherlock and Hobbit!John. Inter-species sex.
  • Seems So Easy for Everybody Else by etothepii. FtM!Sherlock. Focuses on issues transgendered people may face. Incredibly touching. Not Johnlock.
  • Art of the Reasoner and, in the same verse, Art in the Blood by tellytubby101. Amazing story with Artist!Sherlock.
  • The Grey Matter by anchors. Before John, the world could only see different shades of grey.
  • Parallel by augustbird. There is a world where John is dead. There is a world where Mycroft is dead. None of these are real.
  • On the Steadfast Approach of an Oncoming Darkness by joolabee. Post-apocalyptic story.
  • Song of the Dauntless Knight by antietamfalls. Medieval AU! Knight!John and Lord!Sherlock.
  • What’s in a Name? by clarify. Lestrade sets John up with some bloke named Sherlock. Only, he doesn’t know anybody named Sherlock. 
  • Untitled by brightest_wings. John chances upon a grave in the corner of the graveyard and starts bringing flowers to it.
  • The Sea Rolls On by eight_demands. Pirate!lock. John is forced to work as a doctor in Sherlock’s pirate ship.
  • Good-Morrow to Our Waking Souls by agameofscones. John and Sherlock continuously get reincarnated.
  • Beneath These Skies by bendingsignpost. Fire Emblem crossover although I didn’t know anything about the game. Great adventure story.
  • The Haunting of 221B Baker Street by earlgreytea68. Sherlock is a ghost. 
  • Bel Canto by bendingsignpost. Set in the Phantom of the Opera universe. Brilliant fic with Sherlock as a masked stranger called Vernet and John as the doctor of the Opera house.
  • Soothsayer by bendingsignpost. Sherlock is a soothsayer. Based on Greek mythology.
Magical Realism
  • Examine Every Inch by whimsicalimages. John can see a red string around people’s fingers that leads them to the one they’re destined for. 
  • To Paint the Speed of Light by whimsicalimages. John is a painter who paints Sherlock alive. 
  • Break Through to the Other Side by whimsicalimages. John talks to Sherlock in the mirror. 
  • Raise it Up (Shining) by whimsicalimages. Sherlock has a mechanical heart.
  • Whole and Unbroken by lotherington. Sherlock and John suffer a curse where they can only meet once every Feb 29th (leap year).
  • The World on His Wrist by bendingsignposts. Watches verse. Playing with alternate dimensions and timelines.
  • John’s Midnight Garden by anonymous. In his dreams, John visits a garden where he would see Sherlock. This is PHENOMENAL. I adore this to pieces.
  • Darkling, I Listen by you_light_the_sky. Absolutely stunning fanfiction set in a world consumed by darkness. Sherlock is cursed and John is trying to break the curse.
  • Chameleon by velvet mace. A world of sentinels and guides.
  • Fireflight by augustbird. Sherlock is the last of the dragons.
  • The Best Picture of the Human Soul by swissmiss. Interesting concept where significant events show up as marks on your skin.
  • The Heart, and Other Fleshy Organs by sticktstockstone. What if you can literally give your heart to someone?
  • Bump in the Night by szm. Sherlock is a monster that lives under John’s bed.
  • Ash, Gold, Quartz by ifonlynotnever. John makes a heart for Sherlock.
  • The Detective and the Demon by oreganotea. Sherlock summons Demon!John.
  • Bring Me a Dream by lotherington. Sherlock is the sandman.
  • A Study in Orange (this heart now shares in my emotion remix) by coloredink. Sherlock is psychic and John’s mind is the only thing he can’t penetrate.
  • The Baker Street Flat by anonymous. John communicates to Sherlock two years in the future through mail.
  • Barrow Wight by prettyarbitrary. John is confined by faerie!Sherlock.
  • Capital H-i-m by cridecoeur. John sets the clock back every time Sherlock dies.
  • I Know Thee, Stranger by lotherington. Sherlock, John, Lestrade, and Mycroft are all angels. John’s been missing for years.
  • Redivivus by cathedral_carver. There are many ways for someone to die and Sherlock has to go through many of them.
  • Cold Burn by anactoria. John is a fairy that Sherlock inadvertently called into his world. 
  • The Year that Never Was by emotionanalysis. Sherlock and John wakes up one day to find that they are the only ones left in the world.
  • Rule Seventy-two Thousand by trill. Sherlock crosses different universes. Prompt fill written for me!!
  • The Paper of His Skin by teahigh. John paints Sherlock. This is incredibly written and really speaks to me as an artist. I highly recommend this.
  • Upon This Throne by ifonlynotnever. Sherlock has a throne in his mind palace.
  • Ethreal Dances by songlin. John is a ghost. This fic has beautiful prose.
  • Blood From a Stone by mariana_oconnor. Sherlock is cursed to feel the emotions of those around him. This is an incredibly powerful fic and this is another one that I highly recommend.
  • Upon Waking by joolabee. Only one person, either John or Sherlock, can be awake at a time.
  • Heart of Hearts by bendingsignpost. John gets a new heart.
  • Stairway to Heaven by prettyarbitrary and bendingsignpost. Sherlock is a ghost.
  • Obscurity by urbanhymnal. John rarely talks, and when he does, it’s quotes from books.
  • Jumbled by bendingsignpost. All the incarnations of Sherlock mixes together. Basically Elementary and BBC.
  • The Haunting by peevee. Dark beings called Witch-kins prowl the streets and Sherlock is a hunter.

All Other Johnlock Categories

Not Johnlock


Victorlock (Sherlock/Victor Trevor)

For information on Victor’s character, read [this] from the Canon. Victor was Sherlock’s only friend in college.

  • You Get What You Need by linpatootie. Mentions of Johnlock. Victor comes back to Sherlock’s life.
  • Variations of Use by aubkae. Sherlock struggles with his drug addiction and his relationship with Victor.

Night Vale

  • Every fic in this [link]